Give recognition in crypto

Share real value with those who help create value via tokens of appreciation you can really use anywhere.

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Crypto-based micro-incentives, all managed from a single interface

Deposit or Buy Crypto Easily

Quidli works with with Bitcoin, Ethereum, ada, Dai, and USDC. If you already HODL, just deposit to your group wallet to start. If not, buy directly in-app via debit/credit card or bank transfer.

Share Value With Those who Create Value

Incentivize colleagues and peers based on the criteria that matters to your organization (KPIs, milestones, etc.), then share crypto-based tips, bonuses, and thank yous in-app or in Slack.

Access the Growing Crypto Economy

Whether you want to park your crypto and earn interest, swap it to shop online or for other crypto, or even donate it to crypto-friendly non-profits, Quidli streamlines this and more!

Why use crypto to motivate & recognize your team?

  • Share Real Value

    >90% of workers believe perks are important to job satisfaction, but >40% are dissatisfied with what they receive.

  • Exciting new asset class

    Cryptocurrencies are an exciting (volatile) new frontier in finance and technology. $100k Bitcoin, anyone? ;)

  • 100% digital, hassle-free

    Crypto is digital currency built for the Internet - transactions are fast and cheap to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

  • Flexible to your needs

    Low minimum buy-in, high fractionality, and no need for localization enables big flexiblity for micro-transactions.

  • Ideal for Remote

    Today's workforce is increasingly comprised of digital natives, the Future of Work is online & remote.

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