Create security tokens,
Take control of your equity

Why should equity transfers be Complicated ?
Expensive ?
Slow ?
Risky ?
Unclear ?

Tokenization enables greater liquidity

Raise capital faster, easier

Accept investments in a matter of clicks using standard financial instruments and terms & conditions to provide both you and your investors with compliance and security.

Share equity with employees

Attract, motivate, and retain your best employees using standard stock option plans or RSUs. Companies can issue equity based on the terms, conditions, and or metrics that fit their respective work cultures without having to deal with high legal fees.

Legalize your ICO

Had a successful ICO and now want your token holders to become legal shareholders in your US C-corp? Quidli can help turn your utility tokens into security tokens in compliance with SEC regulations.

Equity has never been so simple

100% Compliant

Issue security tokens fully compliant with Delaware law. Our templates & workflows are built in collaboration with a Silicon Valley law firm to help you avoid any common errors.

User-friendly Interface

Your shareholders don’t need a PhD to understand & manage their shares. Quidli acts as an intuitive layer to cover the legal & financial complexities involved in ownership of private entities.

Streamlined Workflow

Creation & distribution of tokens streamlined to save you time & effort while providing insights on what’s going on in the backend and on the legal side.

Secondary Markets

Tokenizing company equity brings liquidity to shareholders via the option to trade their tokens (when authorized by the law) without the intervention of you and or your lawyers.

How does it work?

We select the best legal framework available under US securities regulation according to your company’s equity distribution needs.
Security tokens are generated to represent a part of your company’s equity. Legal rules & transfer restrictions are baked into the tokens.
Primary and secondary transfers of ownership are reviewed via token; approved transfers are backed by legal documentation to ensure compliance.
Your shareholders can manage, buy and sell their tokens directly on Quidli according to the transfer restrictions set by you and or US securities regulation.


“Quidli is a great project that enables dynamic equity distribution that focuses on improving the way companies share equity with their employees.”

Joe Lubin
Founder @ ConsenSys
Co-founder @ Ethereum Foundation

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