Create security tokens,
Take control of your equity

Why should tokenizing equity be Complicated ?
Untransparent ?
Slow ?
Expensive ?

Tokenization is the first step towards the future of equity

Raise capital faster, easier

Digitally issue private company equity via security tokens, conduct fundraising, and manage any and all investors directly from the Quidli platform.

Share ownership directly

With shareholder rights for partners, investors, employees, etc. tokenized, ownership management becomes easier & more flexible.

Avoid ICOs, Issue Equity

Pursuing token sales doesn’t mean regulations don’t apply. Quidli offers compliance options via ERC-1400, interoperable across Ethereum.

Tokenization & issuance made easy

Programmable Equity

Quidli’s open issuance eliminates technical friction for companies interested in creating security tokens.

User-friendly Interface

The Quidli platform is a thin layer built on top of ERC-1400 that provides ease of use & more control over company equity.

Streamlined Workflow

Issuance, tracking, and management of all relevant company ownership details can be handled via browser.

Secondary Markets

Grant liquidity to shareholders via options to trade tokens if and when authorized by law, securities regulations.


“Quidli is a great project that enables dynamic equity distribution that focuses on improving the way companies share equity with their employees.”

Joe Lubin
Founder @ ConsenSys
Co-founder @ Ethereum Foundation

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