<Equity> made simple and flexible

Quidli enables companies to incentivize or reward any person who contributes value with equity in one click.

Our mission is to become the future of work.

Build new businesses.
Build new company cultures.
Build the future of work.

Manage company ownership at any size; track outputs of key contributors; build inclusive work cultures via equity as compensation made simple; unlock liquidity and flexibility on equity for all stakeholders

How Quidli Works

What Quidli does is not a product or service. It's a culture.
We build simply the most effective way for companies to manage and distribute their ownership to the people who truly add value through their contributions.

Work for Equity

Founders and CEOs directly track achievements and distribute equity to contributors from a single seamless platform.

Reduce Third-Parties

Encourage and involve doers as owners using equity without dealing with excessive legal work and fees.

Increase Flexibility

Simplifying equity transfers enables new ways to build companies, distribute ownership, and realize capital.

Drive Engagement

Workers are more aligned with their companies, which promotes increased motivation and loyalty.

Our Partners & Clients

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