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Share crypto in Slack using Quidli

Bringing crypto rewards to you, where you work

Whether you're new or already a user, add Quidli to your team's Slack in just one click, no long sign-up required

  • Quidli app commands in Slack
  • Screenshots of crypto being shared in Slack using Quidli
  • Use Quidli's web app to access even more features
  • Share crypto with those who create value

    No need to pull up a new window, just type /give into any conversation to recognize and or tip your colleagues, publicly and privately

  • Manage core features directly in Slack

    In addition to sharing crypto rewards, you can check your balance, get the latest crypto prices, and top up your wallet as needed

  • Use web app to access even more features

    From the web app, you can also view your interest earned, swap for cash, other tokens, or gift cards, donate to non-profits, and send to external wallets

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