Quidli Privacy Statement

We (Quidli, Inc.) believe in privacy and we want to do the best we can to protect it. In the course of using our website and our services, we will collect from you personally identifiable information (“Personal Information”). This Privacy Policy applies to all of our websites and services, and tells you how we manage your Personal Information.

By using the Quidli website and services, you agree to this Privacy Policy, including allowing us to process your Personal Information. You understand that when you provide any information to us, you do so voluntarily.

How We Change this Policy

We may need to revise this Privacy Policy as the services change and evolve. The latest version of this Privacy Policy is dated February 2, 2019. Your continued use of the service constitutes an acceptance of our amended Privacy Policy. 

Information We Collect

Personal Information we collect may include:

  • Your full name
  • Your email address
  • Your physical address and phone number
  • Your credit card or other payment details
  • Your corporate documents, including sensitive corporate transaction history
  • Your transaction history on our platform or off our platform
  • Your ownership of equity on our platform or off our platform
  • Your contractual relationships with companies on our platform
  • Cookies and Usage Data
In the process of collection, we may put a small amount of information on your device to secure your login information and status within different processes.

We may get this information from you directly, from third parties such as your employer or your contractual counterparty, or from our automated processes.

We do not collect or maintain Personal Information on anyone under the age of 18, and no part of the service is intended to be used by anyone under the age of 18.

How We Use Your Information

We use your Personal Information to:

  • Allow you to use our services
  • Generate legal contracts between you and others
  • Generate other documents needed for legal or compliance processes
  • Communicate with you about our services
  • Provide you with customer service
  • Monitor and analyze usage of our website and services
  • Communicate with you and others about transactions or other corporate changes
  • Maintain our services in compliance with law and regulation
  • Maintain billing services
  • Improve our services
  • Protect against illegal activities
We may be required under law, regulation, or a legal order to provide some Personal Information with legal authorities to assist them in legal investigations or compliance monitoring.

We may use aggregated information about our users, but we will not share such information in a way that could allow individual identification of a user’s Personal Information.

We use cookies and other tracking mechanisms to capture and remember information. This is used to save your preferences and to enable functionality of our services. We also use this data to improve the service. We may use third-party services to better understand usage data to improve our products.

We will not give away or sell your Personal Information.

You may receive communications from us related to our services. You will always be able to opt out of promotional communications. You may not be able to opt out of critical alerts about your account or transactions.

How We Protect Your Information

We take reasonable measures to protect your Personal Information. We use industry-standard encryption technology to protect communications and the information that we store.

Our service is built upon Amazon Web Services. You can review more about how Amazon Web Services works to protect data here: https://aws.amazon.com/security/

While we and service providers we use take reasonable measures to protect your Personal Information, nothing is impenetrable.

We rely on your own security to protect your account. A person who can gain access to your password would be able to access your Personal Information. It is your responsibility to protect your login information.

How We Will Allow You to Review and Maintain Your Information

You may review or change your Personal Information by logging into your account or by writing us at hey@quid.li.

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