Rewarding in crypto made easy

Manage crypto as micro-incentives to share with team members, freelancers, and anyone else who brings value no matter where in the world they're based 🌎

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    Easily buy/deposit crypto

    Buy crypto directly or make deposits to your team wallet if you already HODL

    Quidli is currently compatible with Bitcoin, Ethereum, ada, USD Coin, Dai, and Doge. You can make purchases via debit/credit card or bank transfers.


    Give/transfer to colleagues, contributors, friends

    Invite team members & start rewarding them in crypto in a matter of clicks

    Build your crypto-based incentives stack and easily manage the entire experience from a convenient web interface or directly via Slack.

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    Hold crypto, earn crypto interest

    Did you know you owning crypto could earn you interest in crypto?

    Users who decide to park any or all of their crypto on Quidli automatically start earning interest, regularly compounded, on their holdings.

      Crypto interest rates at Quidli

      Access the growing crypto economy

      Crypto isn't just about trading. Get flexibility to use the perks you've earned however you want!

      • Gift cards2 (2)

        Gift cards 🛍️

        Want to spend your crypto instead of HODLing or trading? On Quidli, you can use your crypto to buy gift cards, credit, and even NFTs directly from your account.

      • Givingblock hi

        Donate 🤲

        Prefer to use your crypto to help a good cause? We enable you to donate your perks to an increasing list of crypto-friendly non-profit organizations.

      • Swap2

        Swap 🔀

        Prefer to exchange the crypto you hold in your Quidli wallets for any of the other compatible tokens (Bitcoin, Ether, ada, USDC and Dai)? You can do so with zero fees!

      • Withdraw2

        Withdraw 💰

        Transfer any or all crypto you've earned to external exchange platforms to sell/trade for other tokens not used on Quidli or for cash.

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