About Quidli

Quidli is building solutions that drive more inclusion in the future of work, starting with making employee equity distribution easier. We're big proponents of enabling doers to become owners. And so today our focus is on helping small businesses manage and share their equity with their workers without wasting a lot of time and or money.

Quidli is founded by a team of entrepreneurs with backgrounds in corporate law & finance and in tech startups (at Y Combinator, Techstars, and Rocket Internet companies). We understand all too well the limitations imposed on sharing equity today due to legacy systems and technologies. Our vision is to offer ownership management services for the next generation workforce.

Meet The Team

Mike Mills

Legal Lead, US

Adrien Soumagne

Legal Lead, FR

Gagandeep Singh

Co-founder, Engineering

Florent Bolzinger

Co-founder, Product

Justin Ahn

Co-founder, CEO

Hannah Kim

Engineering, Design

Kevin Vo


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