Quidli is making company ownership easier to understand and seamless to share

We’re reworking work by making equity management and distribution easier for the companies of tomorrow to better align with the workforce of tomorrow.

Work Culture @ Quidli

Practicing what we preach is the core cultural value at Quidli.

Quidli is built using a work for equity system. This means everyone on the team today is working 100% in exchange for future equity in the company. This makes us a community of entrepreneurs. Each member is motivated to helping us realize the larger Quidli vision because we LOVE this idea and we’re obsessed with making it work.

For further explanation, we share our Culture Document to shed light on our work culture and our mission via our core values. May its perpetual evolution be a testament to our progress and success.

Quidli Team

Quidli is managed by the Squidcore, full-time founders who oversee direction and the day-to-day operations. The rest of the team is comprised of Squiddites, workers who take on a variety of missions according to their respective skill sets and talents in exchange for equity. In addition to those contributing today, there’s been more than 20 Squiddites in total since our project began.


Florent Bolzinger


Justin Ahn


Gagandeep Singh

Co-Founder, Tech

Michael Mills


Kevin Vo


Jones Rajan



Adrien Soumagne


Hannah Kim

Design, Engineering

Camille Picot

Design, Graphics

Edwin Martinez

Content, Communications

Gonçalo Simões


Daniel Newell


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