Employee equity
made easy

Share value with those who matter in just a few clicks

A better way to distribute equity to employees

Streamlined Workflow

Equity issuance & management are streamlined to save time & effort while providing clear insights on what’s going on in the backend and on the legal side.

Document Management

For every distribution, your company ledger is automatically updated. All associated legal documents are stored & made accessible to the right people.

User-Friendly Interface

Your employees shouldn’t need PhDs to understand & manage their shares. Quidli acts as an intuitive layer to cover the legal & financial complexities of ownership.

Secondary Markets

Offer your employees the option to trade their shares (when authorized by law) with minimal intervention & based on the terms you set for your company.

Easy & secure equity transfers

Digital equity on blockchain

Quidli uses the blockchain as a distributed ledger for employe equity. Any transfers approved & executed are directly updated with little room for errors.

Smart, programmable equity

Rules & restrictions can be programmed directly into tokens so that relevant regulations are automatically applied to transfers without intervention.

Simplified management

Legally binding contracts & documents associated to every share are securely stored & easily accessible by the authorized parties as is necessary.


“Quidli is a great project that enables dynamic equity distribution that focuses on improving the way companies share equity with their employees.”

Joe Lubin
Founder @ ConsenSys
Co-founder @ Ethereum Foundation

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