Give crypto to reward exceptional work

Share real value with those who help you create value via tokens of appreciation 🎉

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Distribute crypto micro-incentives from workflows you know

Easily buy or deposit crypto

Use Bitcoin, Ethereum, ada, Dai, USDC, NEAR and Doge. If you already HODL, deposit to your group wallet to start. If not, buy in-app via debit/credit card or bank transfer.

Internally share with your teams & communities

Incentivize and reward collaboration in your organizations based on the criteria important to you (KPIs, milestones, etc.) using crypto across your browser, Slack and or Discord.

Collectively access the Crypto economy

Park your crypto and earn interest, swap it to shop online or for other crypto and NFTs, or even donate it to crypto-friendly non-profits. Quidli streamlines this and more!

Why share crypto micro-incentives?

  • To reward Performance

    Appreciate those who go the extra miles in their work & contributions.

  • To Incentivize engagement

    Grow your communities based on active participation & positive engagement.

  • To create alignment

    Make sure everyone's on the same page whether your org is local or online.

  • Flexible & Programmable

    Share across your browser, Slack workspace, Discord server and more.

  • Be ahead of the Curve Together

    Crypto/Web3 is at the frontiers of finance & the Internet - WAGMI!

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