Reward your teams in crypto

Cryptocurrency is the future of money.
We make it easy for small businesses, remote companies to buy/share Bitcoin, Ether and Dai with their members now. No localization required.


Give people real value

Imaginary reward points are useless. Crypto perks give team members freedom to use rewards however they want.


Built team culture anywhere

Whether your team works remotely or in-person, seamlessly share value & boost morale - digital, faster, cheaper.


Perks for the future of work

Cryptocurrencies are an exciting new asset class. Why not offer employees the option to discover crypto in a secure enivronment?

Manage your entire team’s crypto perks experience from one convenient interface

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Buy crypto using a debit card or deposit crypto you already own, then manage your team’s funds directly from Quidli.

Share crypto
with your team

Invite as many team members as you want and start rewarding them in BTC, ETH, and or Dai, all in a matter of clicks.

Crypto made

All users can track their portfolios, sell or trade their crypto at market rates, and even earn interest on their holdings.


Monthly plans


Up to 5 team members
Quidli transaction fee: 0.50%
Withdrawals: Locked


Up to 20 team members
Quidli transaction fee: 0.25%
Withdrawals: Open


Unlimited team members
Quidli transaction fee: 0%
Withdrawals: Open

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